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Currently premature aging is one of the most women fear.
There are plenty of spots on the face, wrinkle lines around the eyes, smile lines and forehead, oh noooo....!!!

Being a parent is a natural process that can not be avoided and progress is continuously marked on the changes of body cells.

At the age of 40 entering the year, this person will experience significantly. The skin was starting to look wrinkled and dry skin because of sweat gland production begins to decline. Then, follow the process of increasing skin pigmentation and hair began to show gray. Other negative symptoms of stress, heart disease, cataracts and changes in mental health has declined. Heart disease will be faster if a person residing in the body often experience stress conditions that will stimulate increased blood cholesterol, especially LDL, so it will be an increased risk of coronary heart disease.

Meanwhile, changes in psychiatric symptoms that appear in the process of aging is senile aka quick to forget what he had just done, as one put the car keys, bags, watches and others. Other symptoms are difficult to distinguish and remember something like a person, place, and space.

One thing that often feared and avoided is the aging process in skin. Everyone was trying to keep their skin clean, tight and not wrinkled. Health experts provide healthy tips to prevent premature aging, among others, maintain good health, avoid exposure to direct sunlight to the skin, cleanse the skin from dust and dirt, avoid excessive fatty foods and vitamins that have antioxidant activity.

Various methods are used to make the process of premature aging can be slowed. From foods to choose beauty products. But unfortunately this time very many beauty products from cheap to expensive sometimes using materials / chemicals mercury / hydroquinon on their products?

How the effects of the Material / Chemical mercury / hydroquinon it? How to know a beauty products using these hazardous materials? How traits - characteristics of drug use chemicals mercury / hydroquinon? What are the effects of products that use these chemicals? Many of the questions typically asked by consumers of beauty products. Usually on the use / maintenance, using beauty products that use chemical base materials, the face will become red and are prohibited from direct sunlight. Worse, it could cause cancer over long periods and make users become addicted.

Concerned with the use of materials / dangerous chemicals in beauty products that have been widely circulated in the community, I was browsing on the Internet for beauty products are safe and use a natural base ingredients. After a long time browsing, I finally found a site that produces a cosmetic material made of natural and safe to use for daily life. Sites that are committed with the use of beauty products that use basic ingredients alamai so safe to use.

Many cosmetic tools on the market, ranging from acne to drugs to cure facial skin whitening. Almost all the products in great demand kencantikan womanhood. Especially if it was not trying to make the appearance still look attractive and beautiful.
Beauty indeed broad meanings. So do not be surprised if a woman is willing to spend lots of money looking for a quality product and really get the results as desired.
All sorts of ways and products tested in order to make facial skin becomes more white and shining. Or to keep facial skin tight, despite 35 years of age or older to enter. Various anti-acne drug is used to smooth and radiant face again.

In use beauty products, especially recently some beauty products are banned by the government. Because it contains ingredients harmful to health. Therefore, women who want to look always beautiful. Do not let one select product.
As manifested, Vera (30) private sector employees, create attractive appearance is important. More importantly, maintaining the appearance of skin and nail to keep it looking clean and healthy.
"I do not recklessly use beauty products, or even choose the products offered on TV aataupun Internet media," said the curly-haired woman was.

Therefore, not all products that are on television or in the internet media anyone matching leather. Thus, tall woman, the selective choice of beauty products. Being careful is important. Because, when seeing the ad and a beautiful model, making us too eager to use the product, so that the same face as the ad model.

"I prefer to use the recommended products beauty salon that I visit often. Besides she already knew the type and current skin problems I experienced today," he said.
He continued, many products on the market makes me have to be careful. At beauty salons, besides my regular facials, I can buy some products that are suitable for my skin type.

Number of women who have problems with various issues from his face until the nail. Therefore, Technology Oxis International, Inc., a product used to share information on clients who have problems with beauty. Moreover, women are always pays attention to facial beauty ranging from nails.
Oh yes, besides producing a variety of beauty products, Oxis also provide stock for those of you who want to invest. Their stock trading under $ 1, so you can get a penny stock now!

Rata PenuhPrevents premature aging
Antioxidants, substances that in low concentrations could inhibit the oxidation rate of molecular targets, often described as miraculous as it may counteract the compound of premature aging and various diseases that accompany it. Compounds that dwells in the fruit, vegetables, fish, spices and grains can stop the chain reaction formation of free radicals in the body believed to be the mastermind of premature aging.

Free Radicals

This healthy tip is closely related to the nature of skin and other body parts that are exposed to extremely adverse environmental effects, such as ultra violet rays from the sun, air pollution such as vehicle fumes, cigarette smoke and other toxic materials. Certain types of food such as fast food (fast food) and packaged or canned food has also been identified potentially leaving the toxins in your body because these foods contain abundant fat and preservatives. Yet for today, eating high-fat foods to be something difficult to avoid because of changing patterns of life in urban communities.

Why does our body vulnerable to various kinds of pollutants, fatty food and berpengawet? Experts food, nutrition and health to mention air pollution and fatty foods can be a source of free radicals in the body. Namely a molecule or atom what is very unstable because it has one or more unpaired electrons.

These free radicals are highly reactive harmful because its electrons looking for a mate. If free radicals are formed in the body then there will be a chain reaction and produce new free radicals that eventually the number continues to grow. Furthermore, we will attack the cells of our bodies so that there was tissue damage that will accelerate the aging process.

All cells in the body, have enzymes that can counteract free radical attack. Enzyme SOD (Superoxide dismutase) and glutathione proksidase can serve as an example. SOD will tame the reactive oxygen compounds such as superoxide anions (O-2) radicals into hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), glutathione perksidase subsequently turned it into the water. However, with increasing age there was a decrease of both these enzymes in the body, so that free radicals can not be completely destroyed. Not to mention the free radicals from outside which penetrate into the body would be difficult for the body to overcome the assault of free radicals.

Source of Antioxidants
Results of scientific research shows that fruits, vegetables and grains are good sources of antioxidants and can reduce free radical chain reactions in the body, which in turn can suppress the process of premature aging. Tomatoes contain likopene, ie, potent antioxidants that stop the free radicals that do not roam looking for unsaturated fatty acids in the cell. The same is done lutein and zeasantin contained in spinach, it was found highly active in preventing lipid oxidation of lens cell membrane (eye) so that we can avoid a cataract. While antioxidant vitamins such as vitamin C, E and betakarotenoid will stabilize the lens cell membrane and maintain the concentration of reduced glutathione in the lens.

American Heart Association (AHA) in guidelines published in the scientific journal of the American Heart Association in February 1999 issue, saying the evidence was not strong enough there is now a basis to recommend antioxidant vitamin supplements for the general public. However, on the other side of the AHA continues to recommend that people increase consumption of antioxidant-rich foods such as vegetables, fruits and nuts. The same was done to the U.S. National Cancer Institute, continues mengampanyekan that people consume five times or more fruits or vegetables a day. Mention of scientific data, industrious individuals who consume fruits and vegetables have the opportunity to stay young and avoid the diseases associated with aging such as cancer and respiratory.

Other good measures is to reduce intake of total calories derived from carbohydrates and fats. Calories can accelerate premature aging due to turn it into energy needed more oxygen. However, on the other oxygen free radicals that trigger many sources of reactive oxygen compounds, which then attack the cells and ultimately accelerate the aging process.

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